RustRP prerelease applications are open!

Prerelease applications are open!

We’ve decided to open up early prerelease applications!
Users who apply for the prerelease will be able to bypass some of the standard application requirements.
Slots for the prerelease are open, but can be closed at anytime the directors (Vardorien, and nagol) see fit.
Be sure to get in before it’s to late!
For more information visit https://forum.rustrp.or/index.php?/topic/17-pre-release-list-open/


The Dawn of RustRP


A role-playing Rust server? That just takes away the fun from the game, or does it? RustRP aims to have a role-playing twist in the Rust genre. Our goal is to deliver all of the core aspects of Rust, such as raiding, killing, and having a good time while keeping Rust… well… Rust. We do not want the role-playing to get in the way of these core aspects, so while delivering a great gameplay experience, you no longer have to worry about getting killed out of nowhere. You can make up your story, make up your character, and you can have a fun time doing so. What would you want to be? A murderer? Or how about a pirate? The possibilities for what you want to be are endless. Our role-play twist on Rust will not interfere largely with the crux of what Rust is. You can raid, you can kill, you can do anything you would in a regular server, but following our rules pertaining to that. With this all said, we can fill the need for a Rust role-play server and deliver a great community to Rust.

What Started it All

Two friends with a passion for Rust and it’s community. We have noticed a lack of role-play in Rust; sure there might be servers that seek to incorporate the role-playing element into their server, but we are all about it here. We didn’t want to take too much away from the game, so we made the rules pretty lenient, thus delivering the roots of what Rust really is. We were tired of getting shot out of nowhere and we couldn’t find any Rust role-playing server, so we decided to start our own.

Elements of RustRP

A few elements we explored and currently are exploring is a “no-administration” policy. Without admins and drama, RustRP can stay the way it is meant to stay. Lenient rules and no admins sounds like you can get away with a lot, right? No. We ask you to record your gameplay with an application such as Shadowplay and make a report on the forums. We deal with rule-breakers quite heavily and if you can provide video and audio evidence (recorded) of the person committing the deed, we will act accordingly. Furthermore, our rules will have edits according to what our player-base wants, and any member of RustRP is allowed to vote and partake in rule edits and really shape the community as one. We strive to have a close-knit and bustling community.